Put our experience to work for your business

BEOECC provide business consulting and data processing services, company register and management services. BEOECC is also represent Europian telecommunications and software companies (AIR-TV) in Serbia.

We are open for business partnership

BEOECC is ready to be a general distributor or reseller of your products and services for the territories of Serbia and Montenegro. Our staf have experience in setup and building a few brends of Europian IT Security solutions (F-Secure, Netasq and iStor) in territories of Serbia and Montenegro.

Startup Manager for a company

We can help you to start a business in Serbia. If you need a Startup Manager or Deputy Manager for a new company in Serbia (Financial and General & Administrative oversight to support the needs of the company’s actions) we are perfect solutions for you. We have right person for these positions with long experience in IT security and the telecommunications industry.


agency for business consulting and data processing

Serbia, Belgrade, No.10 Visokog Stevana Street, E-mail: office@beoecc.rs